Mental Toughness.

Bergerons beep test let you in on a little secret.. The secret of internal toughness and what it takes to have it.. It proved whether you're mentally tough enough to keep going when it hurt or he broke you off and now you have work to do. Arnold knows what's up.

We're all hurting. We all have aches. We're all sick. Something is always wrong.. But we keep going during the struggle and persevere.. Because that's how you get better.

Once again... Some more Ben and Rob + other references...

Ben broke his back a few months ago (cracked his pars interticularis vertebrae and was told to do no activity for 6 weeks)... Lol.. The next day.. Was working strict pull-ups, strict muscle ups, shoulder work. Core and leg work without putting pressure on spine. DID IT EVERY DAY. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. From this period he gained more than stronger muscle ups. He gained mental toughness where he knows he can make it through any task that's in front of him as long as he is smart about it. Doing nothing, he'd be 2+ months behind and have gotten nowhere.

And people wonder why he does so well when pull-ups and muscle ups come up.

Rob had some vertigo 3 weeks ago. Threw up 15 times in one morning. Overhead squatted 300lbs that night. Threw up 10 times the next morning, PR'd Isabel and almost went into the 1:30's. Threw up 5 times next morning.. And guess what... Worked out twice... again..

And you wonder why this weeks workouts are going as they are when it comes time to really throw down.. Because regardless of external circumstances, still went hard.

Our girl Cass has had shoulder problems for weeks... But has been in here every day hitting PRs, yet working around her problem daily.. Wait for the shoulder to heal and see what is to come.

Jim had a back injury big enough at the beginning of his CrossFit career to scare him off and never come back.. You'd be lucky to catch his ass in a pull-up and toes 2 bar workout today.. And Bergeron just showed you all that.

Successful people are where they are because they refuse to give up when shit gets tough. A speed bump should be looked at and throttled over so you can catch some air on the other side of it.

Toughen up. It's time for the open.

Today's WOD

Deload and tapering for the open workout. We will be watching the Open live tomorrow night at 8pm in the gym. Easy day.

A.) 3 rounds

Every 6 minutes

Run 800m

B.) 3 rounds - for max reps

1 min double unders

1 min push-ups

1 min sit-ups

1 min rest