Expectations within 1 month of CrossFit



All people have them, but to what degree is whether you succeed in life or not. Expecting a lot of yourself should be, well, expected. But understanding what it actually takes to fulfill expectations and "succeed" is the more important factor..

I get asked more often than I imagined "what kind of results can I expect in a month". If you're reading this post.. Never ask me this question.. Because any successful human being understands anything worth doing takes longer than a month to conquer. 

I have slowly resorted to saying "0 results at all" because a person that is only willing to commit 1 month to themselves won't have the heart to do what it actually takes during that month to actually succeed.. This individual who thinks in a one month term will need roughly 6 months to see results .. as their commitment and consistency is infrequent and it will take roughly that long for worthwhile results to set in.

Let me put it into perspective..

In reference to yesterday's posts.

Ben did every SINGLE thing in his power to achieve his goal. He ate perfect every single day (by means of filling his macro nutrients daily ..no matter what), he worked out 1-4 times a day 6-7 days a week, and did this for 3.5 months as documented..

He achieved 12lbs of fat loss, and 1.5lbs of muscle gain...

That's doing everything PERFECT. Literally can not be done better. So 1 month could be broken down into :

4lbs of fat loss and .4lbs of muscle gain..

Merely nothing in the grand scheme of society, but enough for dedicated individuals to know that it is repeatable and more will come from it..

That was with perfect execution, lets assume an average individual gives me 50% of his execution.. That's 2lbs of fat loss and .2lbs of muscle gain.. Which to most will be considered merely nothing, and enough so that the un-dedicated wont see it as success enough to keep getting after it.. At 50% execution, 12 months later that's : 24lbs fat loss, 6lbs muscle gain. Damn, now those are some worthy #s.. But only realizable after time.

Watch TV and biggest losers lose 15lbs in a week.. Cool story bro, now go read some articles on how 99% of contestants are holding up now, post show, in real life..

We're here for the long run. Short term goals are great..

But you won't get shit out of 1 month.

 So talk to me in a year once you've put in the time to say you even have a glimpse of what hard, consistent work actually is, and tell me about your results.. Because I guarantee you'll have a list of them by that time.

Today's WOD

A.) Front Squat

Work up to 1 Rep Max

(Doing today because of open on Friday)

B.) "Bergeron Beep Test"

Death - by format

On the minute, complete

7 thrusters 75/55

7 pull-ups

7 burpees

Your workout is complete when you can not finish the reps within the minute.

Regionals athlete : 14+ rounds

Elite athlete : 20+ rounds