Rob and Bens Crossfit Performance study.


In only 3 months time we had some great eye openers from our hydrostatic test + max out attempts.

I will talk about the study Ben and I (Rob) just performed over this period of time.

From the start.

Robs goal was to gain mass and strength. Standing at 6'.25" and 197lbs at 11% BF

Bens goal was to get lean and gain speed. Standing at 5'3", lol jk, 5'9" and 190lbs at 13% BF

Rob ate 4200-4400 calories a day of WHATEVER he wanted as long as his macros consisted of 280+g of protein, 120g of fat, and 400+g of carbs. This roughly accumulated to 600 daily surplus categories making sure he would gain weight at a steady pace.

Ben ate 2600 calories a day of a more strict whole food (occasional cheat) diet and his macros consisted of 260g protein, 65g fat, 240g carbs. This intake accumulated a rough 600-800 cal deficit assuring he would lose fat at a steady pace.

We did this.. Every.. Fuckin.. Day. For 3+ months. No days off. No taking it easy on vacations. It's a lifestyle. If you want real results you have to work for them.

The results were as close to exactly what we wanted as we could have imagined.

Rob gained 9.2lbs(1.5lean/7.7fat) and weighed in at 206.2 at 14% BF 

Ben lost 10.8lbs (1.5leangain/12.3fatloss) and weighed 179.2 at 7.2% BF

 There a few mind boggling things which proves/disproves conventional science :

-We gained/lost close to the same amount which proves our surplus/deficit theory. The theory that (calories you eat) - (calories you burn) = net gain/loss.

-We both gained the same amount of lean mass.. Which is where we struggle with coming to a conclusion and disprove some theories.. We imagined the excess calories Rob was eating would support the growth of more lean tissue vs. Bens leaner diet. We can potentially assume a few things : 1.) Rob is further along his tissue building timeline and has slowed down a bit in comparison

2.) Robs genetics are weak sauce in tissue building

3.) amount of protein is the only real important factor as long as you are getting at least 20% of your calories from carbs/fats

-We both accomplished our goals in performance but they have come at a small cost in other fitness attributes.

1.) Ben got marginally faster in all workouts. Gymnastics has increased. Strength has stayed the same and weight feels relatively "heavy"

2.) rob got marginally stronger in all lifts / workouts. Gymnastics has not increased, if not becoming a bit more difficult in workouts compared to bens new found speed. Weight feels light as shit..

This is our story of the past 3 months.. Now what is yours. Look at where you've come from and what you're doing to get better daily.

And don't just say "I don't look into this stuff as deep as you guys because its not my job".... You're right.. It's your fuckin life.. So take it by the reigns and make more changes to be better.

Today's WOD

A.) Push Press + Push Jerk + Split Jerk

Work up to max

B.) Open WOD 12.3

18 Min AMRAP

15 Box Jump

12 PushJerk 115/75

9 Toes 2 Bar