.. Is OLD news, and is going to be sick.

We are going to have more structure running this workout. Last weekend was far to hectic to be able to maintain.. So here's the deal..

If you want an official score for open wod 15.2.. You show up at these times or YOU GET ZERO. (Or you message /talk to us with a really good sob sorry of why you can't make it on these specific times and we'll figure something out).. No exceptions really.. Everyone gets officially judged so it puts a lot of strain on the gym if you show up unprepared at an un-designated time.

Friday night lights -5pm - whenever we finish! (We'll be walking over to 13 American Table after we finish to eat some grub too)

Saturday 12-2pm

Sunday 12-2pm

Some of us may have to complete redo's on Monday, but get in here and do it on the set times because there's a chance we won't be able to judge on Monday.


Every 3 minutes for as long as possible :


2 rounds

10 overhead squats 95/65

10 chest 2 bar pull-ups 


2 rounds

12 overhead squats 

12 chest 2 bar pull-ups


14 OHS

14 C2B

9:00-12:00... Etc

Scaled = 65/45 + chin over bar pull-ups (rounds start at 6/6, 8/8, 10/10..)

Some of us may look at this workout and say WTF.... PULL-UPS??? I can't do those yet!.. But here's the deal. That's a pessimistic approach. Take the optimism route and treat this workout like a snap shot of where we are at "today".. So next year in the open you can look back once you've gotten your pull-ups and see how far you've come. Disregard the score, just look at it as a weakness to attack. For those that don't have pull-ups yet, your score will be (6) but you will continue the workout with either jumping or band, and test yourself..