While our girls were crushing it this weekend... we needed to get our shine on too.

Shane 340 clean @tuc0061 

Ben 300 clean n jerk/ 415 back squat @benyroro 

Rob 300 clean n jerk @rob_thomas_ #crossfit 

#CrossFitHYPE #HYPEweightlifting


Today's WOD

A.) back squat

7 rep max

B.) snatch deadlift + below knee snatch pull + below knee hang snatch

(1+1+1) - Max out

C.) max reps on a 3 min clock.

1 set of strict pullups @ 0:00

1 set of kipping pullups @ 3:00

Video @ www.facebook.com/CrossFitHYPE  

Video @ www.facebook.com/CrossFitHYPE