She's been working.

This girl putting in the work and it's paying off.. All week dropping bombs.

220lbs back squat (+10)

165lbs Overhead Squat (+5)

160lbs Split jerk (+5)

128lbs snatch (+8)

All done at 52kg/114lbs bodyweight. Beast shit.

If you're not hitting maxes, assess why, and attack the shit out of it.. She has done exactly that for the past few months. Strengthened her shoulders, her legs, and shaped her form to allow her to accept bigger weight. Pick a goal and don't stop until that shit is completed!

Video is film of 3 PRs in a row. 122lbs, 125lbs, and 128lbs

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Today's WOD

A.) complex

Hang clean + front squat

(1+3) @ max

B.) 13 min cap


DB squat snatch 55/35


Clean 185/125


Rope climb

Video posted or our instagram @crossfithype

Video posted or our instagram @crossfithype