2016 Wodapalooza weekend schedule

Here is this weekends schedule for The Wodapalooza Fitness-Festival !

6 total competitors from HYPE. All prepared to kill everything.

Competition kicks off 12:27pm Friday, and ends 6:43pm on Sunday.

Gym is OPEN Friday and Saturday with just slight modifications to the schedule:

Friday morning :

630am class

830am class

Being coached by AMANDA!

No 1130am class. Gym closes at 930am sharp.

Night :

6-8pm will be OPEN GYM.

Chase is opening the gym up. You can come in and work on some weaknesses, or do the daily WOD.. The choice is yours.

Saturday is normal morning classes :

10am + 11am

Being coached by ANTHONY

Today's WOD

A.) 4 rounds - not for time - 20 min cap

8 strict press *

16 pushups

8 barbell row*

16 sit-ups

* weight is the same, barbell is off the floor. Must be cleaned into the press.

B.) 2016 WZA Bars/balls

8 min cap

18 KB swing 70/53

36 toes 2 bar

36 pullups

18 KB swing