20 rep program


Weakness training. Adding volume to our training to prepare for open.

Wednesday's are squat day. Thursday's  will be a "deload-ish" day. Friday's will always be a bench mark throwdown and accessory work. Reason is to prepare you for the open in 6 weeks where Friday night lights is where it all goes down. Preparing ourselves weekly for what's to come on Friday.

Today's WOD

A.) the 20 rep squat program.

wait, what?

back squat


This program will be 5 weeks long leading us to the open. Start with a weight that is 65% of max and hit that shit for a set of 20... Every week add a consistent amount of weight to the bar (5%), where on the 5th week we will attempt to go nuts with your current 5rep max(90%ish) for a monster set. This is an absolute golden key to Crossfit... Be better at working with your current 80-90% weight. 1 rep max doesn't always have the greatest turnover for Crossfit, but being capable at heavy weights when fatigued has great transfer.

B.) 11 min AMRAP

11 toes 2 bar

11 OH KB lunge 55/35

11 box jump over