We focus on you.

Every day we focus on improvements. From our fitness, to our programs, our facility, and beyond. Every waking hour is dedicated to collectively creating greatness. Some stuff goes unsaid, but we want our members and athletes to feel as if we NEVER stop caring for them.. Every two weeks we see where our chips are at and chose to improve our facility. Not because we have to, but because we chose to. We don't take money out of the business, we dump every penny we can back into it, because that's the only way greatness can be achieved.


We take the road less traveled, the unbeaten path, and spend our funds to make us all better. Our goal this year is no different than last. We're here to create an elite society of hard working individuals that are all striving for the same thing : to be better than yesterday. Here's how we helped this month


-2 new sets of Kilo comp plates (1 set not pictured)

-3 new Rogue/Pendlay bearing bars

-1 bench

-15 more mats for outside

-a 2nd yoke

-new sets of 10lbs/15lbs bumper plates



Buying the stuff that matters.. Not just stuff for show, but the equipment that supports elite level programs. I could have flown to Europe twice and relaxed at the beach on an island when I got back, but no, fk that... Still drive the same shty truck on 4 hours sleep to workout twice a day because we're here to be better.. Not relax. If your gym isn't as dedicated to making you better, at all costs, as we are... Time to rethink your enrollment...


We don't offer deals, we don't offer discounts, because we are the local boys taking our earnings and allocating properly.. Paying top level coaching and reinvesting back into our athletes...


You decide who you want to give your money to.. Just make the right decision this year. #NewYearSameAttitude #HappyNewYear


Todays wod


a.) overhead squat



b.) chipper - 21 min cap


50 pistols

40 sit-ups *ghdsu for WZA competitors

30 hspu

20 OHS 135/95

30 hspu

40 situps

50 pistols


A supreme level of modifying on this WOD. If you've got the movements down, GO FOR IT! But don't be scared, air squats and PushUps will still be nasty!