9am this Memorial Day Monday we will be Honoring lieutenant Micheal Murphy

(Read about Murph here : )


1 mile run

100 Pullups

200 Pushups

300 Air Squats

1 mile run

RX : wearing a 20/14lbs weight vest. Un-partitioning the reps.

A warm up followed by 3 heats, running every 10 minutes.

Heat 1: RX

Heat 2 : un-partitioning, no vest

Heat 3 : partitioning / scaled

(Partitioning options :

5 rounds

20 pullups

40 pushups

60 air squats

20 rounds

5 pullups

10 pushups

15 air squats

Scaled options :

1/2 murph (everything in half and partition as needed)

See you tomorrow morning!

....The more rain, the merrier :-P ... be excited for it.

Bring a towel to stay dry! Bring cold water / a water bottle for your workout as well!

Only rule for the day, NO COMPLAINING... WE ARE HONORING A FALLEN HERO. WHEN THINGS GET TOUGH, IMAGINE YOURSELF IN THEIR SITUATION... complaining doesn't make things easier, nor faster.. So save your energy and keep moving!