Goal Setting.


How Do You Compare?

This post is much more than comparisons. This post is focused on goal setting... When someone approaches me as an athlete, my first question is always "what are some of your goals?".. goals to me are our pathway to success.

 Goals tend to be generalized as a big picture ..but view big picture goals more like dreams than anything... goals can not be general , they have to be specific. Set dreams so high they seem unattainable.. set goals to make your dreams happen. 

When an athlete answers the question of future goals with "I want to make it to regionals" but follows it up no constructive  material as to how.. It leaves much to be desired on my end..

 I want a Pagani Zonda R (If you don't know what that is, google it) but I don't just throw that out there as a goal as it's useless without substance on how I'm going to get it. Set and Achieve small goals to allow yourself time to reassess and create new goals with the inevitability of getting to your final dream. 

How to get Pagani:

Create a business.

Create a product line.




Look at how to become a regionals competitor in a similar manner.. Every person on this earth that drives a Pagani got there somehow. So follow in their steps. And I promise their steps are no secret. So if an athlete wants to make it to regionals.... Follow in ones steps who have also made it to regionals.

Female Athletes at regionals:

Sub 2:45 Fran.

Sub 2:00 Grace.

155# snatch.

300# deadlift.

250# back squat.

If some of these pieces are missing... I guarantee you won't make regionals. So attack each of these as separate goals attacking each diligently. There are a subset of goals behind each of those times and weights as well. How do I create a business - set goals that build up to success. How do I complete "Fran" in under 2:40 - ability to do 40+ pull-ups unbroken. Ability to thruster body weight 5-10 times unbroken. How do I get to THOSE goals... Etc etc. the subset can continue on and on. You can see how specific things need to be..

No successful business : no Pagani

No sub 2:40 Fran : no regionals 

Assess where you're at. Be honest with yourself. And attack what you want with 110% intensity. Because no one got anywhere without 110% effort. Dreams are great, but goals are real. Start setting and accomplishing goals.. 

Today's WOD

A.) 1RM Push Jerk

B.) 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

Scaled : banded pull-ups

RX : Pull-ups

RX+ : chest 2 bar pull-ups

All sets must be un broken or you do not advance to the next set. Rest wisely.

CrossFit HYPE / HYPE Weightlifting Gym, Boca Raton's Elite Fitness Facility East of Mizner Park close to Palmetto Park Beach

CrossFit HYPE / HYPE Weightlifting Gym, Boca Raton's Elite Fitness Facility East of Mizner Park close to Palmetto Park Beach