Posture affecting our lifts??


The way we stand may affect the way we perform more than we think. I comment on this frequently as proper position is vital to our lifts.(article at bottom)... And we sure are going to be lifting today.. And for a first time, WE AREN'T BREATHING HEAVY TODAY! .. Lifting heavy. No metcon, only some light cool down work after our lifts.. 

Today's WOD

Warm Up

Foam hips/ lats

Squat hold

Couch stretch

2 rounds - empty bar

10 hi hang power cleans

10 front squats

5 split jerks

A.) Split Jerk

 1x5 @ 90%

B.) Full Clean

1x4 @ 90%

C.) 2 rounds - NotForTime

800m run

2 x ME - weighted plank

10 Snatch balance - empty bar