Proper Recovery.


"Intercellular signaling is a major component of muscle and strength gains. Heavy resistance training activates a variety of intercellular messengers, one of the primary being mTOR. mTOR is the central regulator of muscle growth and fiber type transitions in muscle cells, and quite literally turns on the muscle growth process after training, at least in very large part. However, cardio training activates an opposing pathway called AMPk. This pathway leads to endurance adaptations like mitochondrial biogenesis, but literally blocks the activation of mTOR. Thus, the very same cardio that reduces DOMS may actually directly reduce muscle growth and strength improvements that weight training is supposed to stimulate"

Interesting and insightful read on the important factors of recovery.. Recovery is the only way to results, so make the effort to do so properly.

Today's WOD

A.) Strict Press

5sets x 9reps @ 50%

B.) for time -


Power Snatch 155/105

* 800m run after each round