Home Improvements to Crush The Competition


Psyched on the home improvements. A few more additions to be added throughout the holiday season... Not only in physical additions but NEW ADDITIONS TO CLASSES. We are adding some services to the gym that we feel will really put our opportunities within the facility over the top to #CrushTheCompetition. There will be more posts before the new year on the additions we are making as well as emails and newsletters. A Holiday schedule will be posted by end of week too... #SoMuchRoomForActivities

Today's WOD

A.) Front Squat 

5 sets x 7 reps @ 60% of max

B.) Hang Power Clean - Above Knee

5 sets x 1 reps @ 75%

C.) 5 mins of "Cindy"

5 pull-ups

10 push-ups

15 air squats

RX+ : 5 C2B/10 hspu/15 pistol