HYPE Weightlifting Gym. Boca Raton, Florida 33432



Site is live and it is our next full push installment to #CrushTheCompetition. We capitalize on quality and pride ourselves on supplying a facility that all levels of athletes can come to learn new concepts. More and more athletes are taking advantage of private training to better themselves twice as fast as those around them. That assessment may sound subjective, but I would put a legitimate quote on speed of growth in overall form at 2x faster compared to normal classes. when you have a dedicated eye on you for an hour straight, it gives us the ability to make the adjustments needed to stop letting the small mistakes slip through the cracks. A large amount of small mistakes leads to a big mess. So clean that snatch up and let us help. Get in on some Olympic Lifting classes or some private oly sessions and let the gains begin.

The website will be full of our current weightlifting program, media that consists of in the gym lifts / lifts we deem worth watching, and content worth reading to better your understanding of Olympic lifting.

Today's WOD

A.) Back Squat

5sets x 7reps @ 60%

B.) 10 mins to work up to max 

Power snatch


5 mins rest


3 mins MaxEffort

Shoulder 2 Overhead 75/55