Walking around on Hands

Trying to consistently program difficult skills. The more frequent we involve ourselves in difficult tasks, the better we will adapt to technical movement patterns. It may not seem that hand Stand walks or muscle ups transfer to Olympic lifts, but in terms of spacial awareness and coordination, it is awesome to see the transfer in an athlete. It may not raise your max in any way in terms of your strength, but once a coach instructs you to change a position, you are very readily able to adjust and make the change which may result in a PR and further capabilities.


A.) 60m Hand Stand Walk (modification = 200m bear crawl)


B.) 12 min amrap


4 snatch 115/75

8 Front rack lunge

12 toes to bar


3 mins rest

2 mins max snatch  115/75

2 mins rest 

2 mins max lunge 

2 mins rest

2 mins max t2b

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