do it backwards every once in a while.

I enjoy programming the metcon wod first before we lift something. gives a little different stimulus. You have a bit more energy for the WOD as you are hitting it fresh. Once fatigued lets hit some strict strength work and make it just a bit more difficult...

Also adding a bit of frequency to this week. We did a difficult skill in hand stand walks yesterday, well lets have that turnover into our hand stand pushups today to get a bit more gymnasty.


3 rounds for form-


8 Toe touches to air

6 air squat holds

4 SitUps

2 hand stand mounts


-Kipping work

-HandStand Work

- Pistol


A.) 21-15-9


Chest 2 Bar PullUp

Pistol Squat


B.) 5x5 Strict press (all sets at heavy weight)