Three parts = three times the happiness.

Three parts = three times the happiness.

Today we're testing a nice benchmark..


2 rounds

250m row
1 wall walk
5 pushups
10 arm circles

- band on rig mobility

A.) 3RM push press from rack

B.) 500m row - sprint for time

C.) 3 rounds for time

5 wall walks
15 american kettlebell swings 32/24
30 situps

100m suitcase carry 32/24

(Elite will do Muscle Ups instead of wall walks)


these are all shorter efforts, really trying to focus on speed of movements and less rest during transitions in the wod.... BUT, dont doubt that 500m row..

big time benchmark and some definite bragging rights up for grabs here. The video I'm posting may not be exciting to watch.. but I saw this the other day and it stuck out for one particular reason..  This guy, who is a competitive power lifter with almost no current training in endurance, almost rowed a world record.. It really just goes to show how much turnover there is on strength inside of endurance.

Athletes that are looking to run, swim, row, or bike faster, should not only focus their efforts on their sport, but also focus on strength training and see that the turnover is incredible.

tomorrow should be cool

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