importance of snatch


A stat was put out by the CrossFit Games yesterday and read as follows :

Average max snatch of current games athletes :

Men - 270#

Women - 166#

Average max snatch of current regionals athletes :

Men - 237#

Women - 144#

What to take from this status?

First is that both are incredibly impressive max lifts. But the real moral of the story lies in the fact that the higher level athletes all can snatch more then those under them. Regardless of how fast, strong, flexible, coordinated, etc.. You are.. If you're unable to tie it all together your progress will be halted within the sport of fitness. So if at any point you ask why we Olympic lift so often... This is why. Because the transfer of snatching / cleaning n jerking more makes you a better athlete. Hands down.

So on to today's wod. Where we're really not doing much of either lol


- 500m row + 7 inch worms

Banded shoulder/arms warmup

A.) 3RM push jerk (increasing weight upon last weeks 3rm push press)

B.) max effort - for total reps

1 min HandRelease PushUps

1 min rest

1 min Abmat sit-ups

1 min rest

1 min KB swing 70/53

1 min rest

1 min ring dips

1 min rest

2 min HandRelease PushUps

2 min rest

2 min Abmat sit-ups

2 min rest

2 min KB swing 70/53

2 min rest

2 min ring dips


Rob Thomas working on hang snatches. HYPE Weightlifting Club at CrossFit HYPE, East Boca Raton's premier athletic training and Olympic lifting facility.