4th progression of s2o, hopefully heaviest


Straight to the point today. Simple a difficult. Promise it will be tough.


3 rounds

3 inch worms

6 lunges each side

9 kips

- LaxBall on wall

- split jerk technique/ foot drills with PVC to ingrain speed and efficiency

A.) 3RM Split Jerk , from rack.

(4th and final progression of shoulder to overhead. Should be the heaviest out of the bunch as we've hit a 3rm push press, strict press, and push jerk)

B.) 15 min amrap

15 thruster  95/65

15 toes to bar

Big lift from one of our Olympic hopefuls in 2016. Watch the jerk technique and the footwork.




also want to give a big shout out to our HYPE moms for inspiring us every day!! Keep up the hard work and keep setting great examples for your children.