Another Regionals WOD, or Two.

Getting after "Nasty Girls 2.0" today which is regionals event 3 from this year as well as 1RM our Hang Snatch.


Awesome workout. The top guys and girls were breaking 8 minutes, a solid time was sub 10.

The time cap for the event is 16 minutes.


We will also only have 10 minutes to max out our Hang Snatch... with a little bit different of a format..

It will be an acesnding EMOM. For beginners it will be 1 attempt every minute. for advanced it will only be 5 lifts total going once every 2 minutes. Your score is your heaviest lift.



2 rounds

10 hollow rocks

10 supermans

10 jumping air squats

100m run


- OHS with PVC

-Pendlay snatch warmup


A.) Snatch Event 1

Scaled - 10 minute acsending EMOM of Hang Squat snatch lifting every minute.

Rx- 10 minute acsending Hang Squat snatch lifting every 2 minutes.


B.) "Nasty Girls 2.0"

3 rounds for time

50 pistol squats

7 Muscle Ups

10 Hang Power Cleans (175/115)



Modifications for Muscle Ups are 20 Pullups + 7 ring dips per round, or 21 'feet on floor' ring transitions.