As you may have noticed this week has been a bit less brutal. Both the volume and intensity were lowered allowing our bodies to recover and adapt to the level of fitness we've been trying to achieve. I can almost guarantee some of our hamstrings are going to feel like they're full of lactic acid water balloons.. but that's what stretching and foam rollers are for..


2 rounds

10 ThreeTwoOne touches
5 Inch worms
10 straight legged situps + 3 second toe touch
300m row

- Foam + LaxBall
- Technique for WOD

A.) "Elizabeth"


Cleans - 135/95
Ring Dips

B.) With Partner - not for time

1 minute weight plank (45/25)
20 Side touches right side
20 Side touches left side

switch. One partner works one partner rests

Here's a little taste of what the top guys were doing back in 2012 for this workout at the CrossFit Games. Longer video but all of them were breaking 4 minutes.. at the end of a long weekend, that's sick. The faster heats start at the 13 minute mark. and final heat is around 18 minutes or so..

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