Death By..

Death By...

Will be the death..

of you..

Today we need a wholleeeee new mentality to the way we work out.. as usually it is the fastest time or the heaviest weight who takes the prize.. but today is different.. today, whoever works out the longest is the victor!

Here is how "death by-" works..

minute 1 you start with a certain number of reps, and you only do that amount on the first minute.. the second minute, your reps increase. just do the amount. third minute, reps increase, 4th minute, reps increase.. etc etc.. your death by- ends once you can not complete the amount of reps you have to do in that minute.. so lets assume on the 5th minute of double unders, you have 25 to complete, but you only get 23... you died. and youre done with that movement. you then move directly onto the next movement and begin with the start of the reps from the beginning..

SO, if you only get 4 minutes of double unders, 10 minutes of situps, and 10 minutes of HSPU.. your score is 24 minutes.. that was your workout.

versus if some one does 8 minutes of double unders, 15 minutes of situps, 15 minutse of HSPU.. their score is 38 minutes..

so the more proficient one is in the movements, the longer they will workout..

NOWWW heres the real deal.. if you don't complete over

 30 mins = 100 burpees
33 mins = 75 burpees
36 mins = 50 burpees
39 mins = 25 burpees

So as you can see.. get to 40 mins and make it easy on yourself ;)

incentives at its finest.


-5 min Double Under technique

- HandStandPushUp Progression
          - wall walk
          - Flip ups
          - 3 pad strict hspu
          - kipping technique ( only if you can strict )


Death by - Double Unders (mod = x3 single unders)

min 1 - 5 double unders
min 2 - 10 double unders
min 3 - 15 double unders
min 4 - 20 double unders
min 5 - 25 double unders ... etc... straight into ..

Death by - Sit Ups

min 1 - 3 situps
min 2 - 6 situps
min 3 - 9 situps
min 4 - 12 situps
min 5 - 15 situps ... etc ... straight into ..

Death by - HandStandPushUps (mod = head to pad inverted pushups)

min 1 - 1 hspu
min 2 - 2 hspu
min 3 - 3 hspu
min 4 - 4 hspu
min 5 - 5 hspu .... your dead.

CrossFit HYPE, East Boca Raton's Premier Fitness Facility and Olympic Lifting Gym.

CrossFit HYPE, East Boca Raton's Premier Fitness Facility and Olympic Lifting Gym.