We're doing OHDS today.


Well, close enough. Doing all of our work today overhead. Another benchmark today! Pushing people for that Rx prescription as these are workouts with lighter loads. We went much heavier last week. Now we're speeding it up a bit and forcing you to KEEP moving.


-2 min jump rope

- band/PVC/OHS warmup

- Couch Stretch

A.) 5x3 Overhead Squats

B.) "Nancy" - 5 rounds for time

400m run

15 OHS 95/65#

Steve in his scrubs straight from surgery.. Did a 400 x 3 backsquat and almost had a 440 x 1 but too many sets working up to it. Welllll over 2x body weight. Followed it up with some dog squats, clean and jerk, as well as filthy fifty. Solid day all around for all of us. A sub 17 minute filthy fifty went down today with one more 9 seconds off. Not playing games here folks.


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