Remake of 14.1

Worked up to heavy clean as well as did all cleans on Wednesday in the workout... And we're following suit today with the snatch.. I'm a big fan of keeping the motor system turning by working on the lift pre metcon, then incorporating the lift in the metcon. Just betters our movement pattern by fully exposing us in, and out, of intensity.

This workout may look a bit familiar to a few.. As it should..

It's a remake of the Open 14.1 workout.. Where we've added time to the amrap and some running.

Today's WOD


5 min double under practice
- band pass throughs
- band on rig stretches
- band OHS pause squat

A.) work up to a heavy snatch

B.) 15 min amrap

30 double unders
15 power snatch 75/55
200m run

Here's Tara working up the other night. She hit 155# on this lift in the clean and jerk but way more in the tank ! Big PR's coming up! #RYNOpower