Granite Games 14.2

Todays WOD


500m row
-25 arm circles
-25 pot stirrers
-lax ball

-Kipping + Butterfly progression work

A.) 3 sets of ME strict chin ups

B.) Granite Games qualifier 14.2 

16 min AMRAP

50 cal row
20 pullups
40 back squat (95/65)
20 pullups
30 front squat (65/45)
20 pullups
20 OverHeadSquats (45/35)
20 pullups

Awesome workout today. All around breather but doesnt push the lactic acid around that much. Thought it would burn more... It just hurts to keep going! Excited to give it a second go with classes tomorrow! We tuned up the weights a bit to make sure we can get through this workout.
Elite weights are : 135/95, 115/85, 95/65


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