Not science... It's Hard Work

We've got a member who is a previous Division 1, 4 year college athlete (volleyball). Came to us from another local CrossFit gym, where she was at for 6+ months, with a 135# back squat max. She stated she had hit the 135# back squat back in college and has never been able to budge that weight since then.... Today... after only 2-3 months at HYPE... This girl just hit a front squat of 135#... for 5 reps. Shit isn't science, it's hard work.

Not pushing your members because your afraid how they might react? or that they may actually see results? .. Go coach Barre or Pilates. We've got NoTime, for NoGainz. We're in this to make each other stronger. The second I start letting you "do whatever you want" is the second I'll throw in the towel and sign you up for a session at a globo.

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Today's WOD

We're sticking with a gymnastics skill for the first part of our day once again followed by a short heavy burner.


-5 slomo inchworms + 5 speed toe touches in between each rep
-Lax Ball + Foam
-Banded raises and lat warmup

A.) 7 min EMOM

Athletes choice of amount-

Chest2Bar Pullups

B.) 3 ME sets of Strict ChinUps

C.) Granite Games Qualifier 14.3

 9 Min cap

12 Deadlifts + 12 Burpee over bar
10 Deadlifts + 10 Burpee over bar
8                  + 8
6                  + 6
4                  + 4
2                  + 2
4                  + 4
6                  + 6
8                  + 8
10                + 10

Weight for deadlift - Elite 225/155 - RX 155/105 - Scaled - 115/75


Here are some Chest 2 Bar PullUps for you. Dude is 5'0 tall and an absolute sicko in the game. GetEm. This was last month at an NPFL (national pro fitness league) combine event. The sport of Fitness is now real. Really Real.

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