Attacking our lifts


Strength cycle. Implementing some sort of lift every day. It will feel good to be strong. Crossfit's key to success is variance. Strength's key to success is consistency. Both pay off, so we'll add variance to our metcons + rep scheme, but consistency to our lifting format. For the next few weeks we'll get in the habit of really attacking our lifts.

Today's WOD

A.) work up to heavy

Power Snatch + Low Hang squat snatch 

Then complete 5 reps of complex at 60% of lift completed.

B.) Metcon


Thruster 75/55

Toes 2 bar




HYPE Weightlifting deload week  

 - Power Snatch + Low Hang Squat Snatch + btn push press (1+1+2) x 6 @ 50% snatch

 - clean pull + Power Clean + Low Hang Squat clean + split jerk (1+1+1+2) x 6 @ 50%  clean


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