Week of Gainz Has Arrived

The week of gainz has arrived.

We're testing all of our 1 rep max's this week in this cycle's consistent strength factors.

Today's WOD

2 rounds
100m run
10 kips
10 air squats

-Samson Stretch
-Tear drop to Hip Flexor foam smash
- Couch Stretch

A.) Work up to -

1 Rep Max Front Squat

B.) Pull Up Biathlon

400m Run
50 PullUps
400m Run
35 PullUps
400m Run
20 PullUps

*** Every time you break a set and come off of the pullup bar, You must run a penalty 200m run.

We are going to be sticklers on full range of motion today on the pull-up. If you are half assing the rep and not getting that chin over the bar, better believe we'll be telling you to go for a 200m run!!


A solid mobility video to increase hip flexibility. This will improve almost everything we do inside the gym.

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