THIS WEEKEND - FRIDAY, Jan 16th - Sunday, Jan 18th.

I never wanted to have to do this, as I've always been super judgmental on other gyms closing due to coaches competing..9 our of 10 times there is a way to keep the gym running in a somewhat efficient manner so the ones who cannot come to watch can still get a good workout in...... BUT... Everyone.. including their mother, brother, sister, grandma, cousin, and gerbal... will be at this event.. 

so the gym will be CLOSED Friday ALL DAY. Saturday ALL DAY. Sunday ALL DAY.. What this means is...

Come drive yerass down to the Miami Bayfront right next to the american airlines arena and watch us all compete.. It will really put it all into perspective on how much of an impact CrossFit has on an entire community other than your own.. The place will be packed. Awesome event, awesome vendors, awesome people, awesome city.. I promise you won't regret it.

Oh yah... and we're one rep maxing all week. Eat up ladies and gents.

Todays WOD


B.) Wodapalooza 2015 - WOD #1 - "21-15-9" 

3 Rounds For Time

21 Pull ups
15 Pushups
9 Squat Snatches - 115/80