Do whatever you want.



Today's WOD

Last week was our max out week.. And one thing that kept occurring was the under-shooting of your personal best lifts.. Not knowing exactly what you're shooting for on your max makes it a difficult task to warm up for.. SO , now that we have an idea of all of our max lifts.. if there is one that you felt you could have gotten a few more pounds out of.. Then today is the day.

A.) 20 minutes to work up to a max

- in whatever the fck you wanna doooo -

B.) 10 minute AMRAP

5 Kettlebell swings 32/24

10 toes 2 bar

15 double unders

10 KB swings

20 toes 2 bar

30 double unders

15 KB swings

30 toes 2 bar

45 double unders

* if you complete full round, start from beginning.