1rm OHS and jingle prep

 --When asked about his favorite "mobility" routine, Chad Wesley Smith (who has squatted close to 1000lbs and is the 9th strongest human to ever lift a barbell) replied:

"Just to train frequently and practice good movement patterns during that training. I tend to find that people who spend large amounts of time on pre-training mobility routines are often among the worst movers, likely because most of the drills they're doing aren't actually fixing their movement dysfunction, rather just masking them for the day."

Pretty solid words of wisdom.

You want to get better at a movement? Do the movement more often.

Today's WOD

A.) overhead squat

1 rep max

B.) jingle bells & barbells prep

12 min cap


Snatch 135/95

Overhead squat

Box jump over 24/20"

This dude clean and jerked the most weight ever last weekend. Heaviest lift in our modern day ever done in a meet.