Doral Weightlifting Championship


Creation of sickos. #HYPEweightlifting


Both in their first meet, we had an approach of making easy lifts, and that's exactly what we did. Excited for the future and for more of the team joining in.

Tara Demers totaled 141kg (60/81kg)

Diego Vizcaino totaled 191kg (80/111kg)

#Doralchampionship #olympicweightlifting 

Today's WOD

A.) Back Squat

5 x 3 @ 85%

B.) Death By - Fran 

Minute 1: 1 thruster 95/65 + 1 pullup

Minute 2: 2 thrusters + 2 pull-ups

Minute 3: 3 thrusters + 3 pull-ups

... Etc

Your workout ends when you can not finish the amount of work within the minute. This is going to be nasty.


quick video on Instagram + Facebook. More to come.