AminoRIP at 15.3


@aminorip will be throwing some samples down for our athletes to try Friday evening after we crush #CrossFitGames Open workout 15.3.

 I'm very upfront with products and won't prescribe anything I wouldn't use myself as there is a lot of over priced bullshit on the market .. Aka $80 for 2lbs of shitty soy concentrate and maltodextrin that supposedly "builds champions" #lololol #CoolStoryBro 

#aminorip has a unique product that has its place in our market.. It consists of highly concentrated hyrdolyzed collagen protein. Hyrdolyzed means the protein is broken down so much so, it is almost fully digested before it even gets to the stomach, allowing for muscle repair to happen immediately post workout. Collagen protein is also not derived from dairy or soy, it is of beef content and is found to repair more than just muscles. Studies show it has advantageous effects on the repair of joint and connective tissue over proteins from other sources. The taste is a punch in the mouth but dilute it with water and it is a great supplement. Thank @svanvonno for hooking us up with them.

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Today's WOD

Open workout 15.3

14 min AMRAP

7 muscle ups

50 wall balls

100 double unders

(20# to 10'/ 14# to 9')


14 min AMRAP 

50 wall balls 

200 single unders

First go at this workout, go all out. Leave nothing on the table.. And if sht hits the fan, reconsider on another try. Those that are working towards getting their first muscle up, give it hell.. And don't be upset at the results, now you get to experience those without pull-ups last week felt.. It's a tough spot to be in, but the open is in place more than to just be fun and have a good time, it's in place to find the fittest in the world.. And muscle ups is what you need to have! So put it on your goal list and attack your weaknesses!