Growing Daily


Cheers to a new season.

We grow by the day. Not just in size, not just in strength, not just in capacity, not just in stamina, but in positivity and optimism towards the future.. The first year of us opening is in the books and a feeling of accomplishments rush across my mind.

-Wodapalooza team : 9th

-Wodapalooza individuals (4 of them) : top 20

-Crush Games team : top 30

-2015 crossfit games open, team HYPE : top 50 in southeast

-2015 crossfit games open, individuals : 5 athletes in top 400 in region

-125+ members and growing daily

-PRs on all lifts and movements after every cycle

-people gaining confidence in, and out, of the gym.

-2 new incredible coaches 

-more that come to mind but go unseen

Plans are in place to start tackling our weaknesses and get after this next year to make it to the next level.

Today's WOD

A.) Snatch

Work up to a heavy single

Take this time to work on technique or feel out a new max

B.) 16 min AMRAP

12 hang snatch 95/65

12 box jump

200m run

2 rope climbs


Us in our true habitat.