Ladder time


Elite mobility is one of the first steps to becoming an elite athlete. It's something that takes patience and time... Which is why people struggle so heavily with the topic. This is the greatest weightlifter of all time, and it isn't a fluke that his mobility matches his strength levels. Our warmup will consist of us trying to look like the picture. Overhead squats and snatches become butter if you can achieve a more upright torso. 

Today's WOD

A.) overhead squat, for volume.


* 3 second pause in hole

** you can ascend or descend in weight, goal is to accumulate the most weight possible over the 5 sets.

B.) 8 min AMRAP

1 squat clean

5 pullups

2 squat cleans

10 pullups

3 squat cleans

15 pullups

4 squat cleans

20 pullups

5 squat cleans

25 pullups

RX+ : 205/135

RX : 155/105

Scaled : 115/75