Keep Pulling


In any sport, the best coaches don't only look for athletes that compete well when all of the stars align.. It's easy to compete when everything is going well.. Great coaches look for athletes that prosper even when they aren't drawn the best hand to play with and continue to kill it..

We coached at hype until 9pm last night. Packed, ate, and drove to Sarasota arriving 230am. Woke up at 6am. Weighed in overweight for the 58kg weight class at 58.5...

 She had to row a 5k in a sweat suit in under 30mins for cut line.. She dropped .7kg/1.2lbs in that time.. On her lifts, she  modestly hit 62/137lbs in snatch, 82/178lbs in clean n jerk. 3/6 on lifts. Missed the jerk on American open qualifying total but qualified for Florida State Championships as 58kg lifter. 

Did what we had to do and she prospered. Proud of her @_taralynne_ . She walked off stage hit 5 more clean and jerks to ensure the miss was just a fluke. Also did some heavy pulls and front squats while the rest of the field packed up and left.. 






#keepPulling #CrossFit813

A great meet ran by a great group of people at a great facility. Really happy with the day. Thank you for your hospitality.

Video on facebook  

Video on facebook