Strong Chicks.


This weekend has me more excited than almost any of the past 52 this year. I've got 12 females competing all in the same weekend all for the same cause.... To be better than they were yesterday while doing something they never thought they would do... Experiencing what, to me, life is about... Hard work, companionship, team work, support, ethic, blood, sweat, tears, and on all accounts : success... Regardless of placement.

Females within fitness, getting stronger, is something I am most passionate about and I want 1000 more of you guys repping HYPE because strong chicks make the world a better place. 

Im sick of seeing weak minded, and weak physically, females. Being "feminine" is such a subjective term.. I'd bet the house on "feminines" description/perception was written by some weak ass dude...All of us can be strong regardless of gender and I want all of my girls within this facility thinking that way. "Strong" doesn't just represent how much weight is on the bar, it represents the choice you made to do something different than what is current/socially acceptable. You can do anything you want if you actually try.. And it should be what YOU want, not some perception of what others think is acceptable.. 

The term 'perception' really rings a bell when I hear the consistent talk of "bulky" bullshit.. Your perception comes from a media based one that has no direct connection to real life. Stick figures, and chicks who don't even lift, FLOOD social/print media to have you perceive that is ideal. Grow up and be strong in thought so you can be your own badass person... 












Today's WOD

A.) deadlift

Work up to heavy single

B.) for time -

21 pullups

5 snatch 135/95

15 pullups

7 snatch

9 pullups

9 snatch