Happy New Years

Goals for next year? The same as last year. Create more of 'this'.

Hard to bottle it all up, but we care more about you than you may believe. We believe you can do more than you're doing right now to be better everyday.. We expect it, we demand it, we require it... When a few individuals turns in to a small crew, that then turns in to an entire group, all believing they can do better than yesterday... It's a pretty special thing.. And that's what HYPE is to us.. Believing in one another to push harder.

Here is to another year of progress, growth, and success 🍸🍸

Happy New Years πŸ’«

Today's WOD

WZA retest.

A.) 2015 qualifier snatch

Max out

Snatch + below knee snatch + above knee snatch (1+1+1)

B.) sit throw swim - 14 min cap

1:00 minute L-sit hold

45 wall balls 20/14

1000m run

45 wall balls

1:00 minute L-sit hold