Move with virtuosity

Most important rule of workout scaling is to move with the highest level of virtuosity within the movements before you move to higher level of difficulty. I'm all for getting dragged through the mud in difficult, even heavy, wods... But if you feel you're not moving with any level of proficiency, your coaches, and peers, would FAR prefer you look like a professional with lighter weights, and easier difficulty. Rather than looking like an ______ with heavy weights and improper form.

Look like a pro and do the easy stuff extraordinarily well, and it will transfer to when things are difficult.

Today's WOD

A.) bench press

5x3 @ 85%

B.) 14 min cap


40 strict HandStandPushUps

16 bar muscle ups

800m run

20 strict HandStandPushUps

8 bar muscle ups

RX :


10 bar muscle ups

800m run


5 bar muscle ups

Amateur :

50 HRpushups

30 pullups

800m run

25 HRpushups

20 pullups