We're just warming up.

Are things difficult? Good. Progress is around the corner.

"The last 2 workouts of the competition were one partner runs, lunges and pulls a heavy sled while the other rows and you switch back and forth for 10 minutes. It was BRUTAL. In some sort of freak occurrence Ben's partner (Dave) hurt his rib walking up to the final WOD and @benyroro decided instead of throwing two workouts he would at least sit on the rower and pull for 10 minutes so they could get a score. They were in 2nd place going into this last workout, and not much to our surprise, Ben single handedly comes in 3rd on the rowing wod...they finished 6th overall having only done 5 of the 6 workouts! This is what #hardwork looks like. @davidstevens8 we hope you are okay!!! #MCM #therippedgames #CrossFitHYPE @benyroro @crossfithype @therippedgames"

Today's WOD

Hero workout


50 strict pullups

100 hand release pushup

5k run

Wear a vest if you want. There is no cap. Show up and don't complain.