Eat to perform

This was snapped from Spencer Hendels Page so disregard the outlines. What's important in this stat line of the statistics from this years Crossfit games are the stats below the 2nd red outline.

Weight management is very important. Our goal, as performance coaches and athletes, is to eat to perform. If you consider yourself anything close to an athlete, take a good look at those numbers.. It is a great outline as what we need to use as (somewhat) guidelines to our success.

Average weight of all individual male competitors : 194.4lbs

Average weight of all individual female competitors : 143.0lbs

Heaviest individual male : 215lbs

Heaviest individual female : 164lbs

Lightest individual male : 167lbs

Lightest individual female : 128lbs

These are the best athletes in the world, and LOOK it too. Our program goal is to perform better. If you are BELOW or ABOVE these numbers by a marginal amount, it is time to make some changes to your diet to be able to make performance gains for the better.

I can almost guarantee with 100% certainty that the heaviest individual in the field, is the strongest, and the lightest has the highest gymnastic inclination/ endurance speed of the field.

Weaknesses against the field may be glaring for more reasons than your just "bad at them". You may not be seeing results because you're not eating enough (90% of everyone), or you may need to tune your intake with specific macro nutrients to get you to your target weight.

A weight that will allow you to be the best athlete possible.. Not stagnant and stuck in the mud for months on end.

When our new facility opens, we will be dedicating more time to diet protocols for athletes. We're sick of people eating like pssies. Eat hi protein, hi carb, moderate fat. Gain weight to get stronger, lose weight to get faster. Don't start losing weight until you're strong. Next post will be statistics on this years strength statistics to see how we stack up against the field... And I promise, we all need to get stronger.

Today's WOD

A.) PushPress

1 rep max

B.) 15-10-5

Front squats 95/65

Shoulder 2 overhead 95/65

Toes 2 bar