December 31st 2014


The creativity that is upon you with this workout... Is literally to Mars and back... Crazy.. Another level type shit..

Today's WOD

A.) HandStandPushUp progression

-wall walk

-donkey kicks

-head stand w/tripod

-hand stand balance

-Strict hspu

-kipping hspu

1 Max Effort set of HSPU


Now this is where we get on our rocket ship and go to another planet with creativity..

B.) "December 31st 2014 (12/31/14)"

All for time -

12 burpees


3 rounds

12 box jumps 24/20

31 sit-ups

14 hang cleans 135/95


1 mile run 


14 burpees


Staci VanVonno Coach CrossFit HYPE East Boca Raton Personal Training Fitness Gym Muscle Up girls who lift

2013 CrossFit Regionals Event 4.... the 100's

Lets just hope 2-3000 people show up for us while we are finishing this wod today and count our reps.... Because we're gonna need all the motivation we can get..


Today's WOD

A.) Deadlift

5sets x 3reps @ 80%

B.) 2013 CrossFit Regionals Event 4 - the 100's

21 minute cap

RX+ :

100 wall balls 20/14

100 c2b pull-ups

100 pistol squats

100 DB snatch 70/55


2 rounds

50 wall balls 20/14

50 pull-ups

50 air squats

50 DB snatch 55/35

New Years Eve!

Kapow Noodle Bar - Mizner Park

We've been hooked up here at HYPE for a sick spot to throw down at New Year's Eve. We're going to bring on the new year in style. Kapow! has hooked us up with an exclusive discount code to get us all in on there open bar they have going on NYE. Helps having the owner do pull-ups next to you every morning.. But UOENO dat.

That link should discount the package. Ill be there drinking milk getting white drank wasted post workout #Gainz.

We also have an updated schedule for the week.


Normal Morning classes

5pm + Olympic Lifting class ONLY

--- THURSDAY ---





Today's WOD

A.) Front Squat

5sets x 3reps @ 80%

B.) Open WOD - 13.4

7 min AMRAP

3 Clean n Jerks 135/95

3 toes 2 bar

6 Clean n Jerks

6 Toes 2 Bar

9 CnJ

9 t2b

12 CnJ......

Continue as far as possible .